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The Urban Curriculum 

Inspired by the teachings of the late Kevin Reeve, of OnPoint Tactical, our "Urban" courses pick up where Kevin left off. We're striving to continue the legacy that he, and his co-founders envisioned, by educating the masses to be best prepared for whatever happens, no matter where you are. There are lots of training courses you can attend and learn wilderness survival, tactics, and advanced tracking, but there was only one place that truly understood, and mastered the art of the urban jungle, and that was OnPoint. Now, the torch has been passed on, and OP4 is dedicating its full attention to updating and innovating the Urban course catalog, to tackle the urban landscape that is always evolving. We at OP4, believe that these invaluable lessons will set the standard for private citizens, governmental contractors, and government entities alike. Each class offers 3 days of harnessing the skills necessary to navigate the metropolis, without falling victim to its dark underbelly. *Contact us for special pricing for Veterans and First Responders. 

Urban Survival

Dig-in vs. Bug-out

Learn how to identify, in real-time, when you either lay low, or get out of Dodge. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? We'll take you step-by-step through the process of building an effective survival plan.

Building Assets and Community

Recognizing friends from foe, and evaluating the risks and assets that you encounter every day in your neighborhood, or at work. Our course of instruction will cover everything from building a community of prepared and informed individuals willing to assist each other when the need arises, marking resources and provisions that may become available if the social and legal fabric of your state or country collapses, to surveilling and eliminating threats to your community in such situations.

Gathering Meaningful Intelligence

Intelligence is at the core of every well-laid plan. Our instructors, with decades of military, special operations, intergovernmental, and law enforcement experience, will teach you how to collect, assess, and integrate intelligence into actionable plans. Building these plans with contingencies, and easy to follow objectives. Knowing your environment, and it's players, is the essential element that makes the difference between surviving and thriving, or becoming the victim of the circumstances. 

Provisions and Engineering

Everyone recognizes the value of knowing how to forage for food and build a fire in the wilderness, but have you considered the dimensions of doing so in an urban uprising or in the wake of a natural disaster? Discover how to stock, rotate, and even enjoy the art of food storage. What provisions will you need most, and how to use them effectively. Considering the landscape and materials you are surrounded by every day, and how to make working machines, tools, and devices when nothing else is working and the grid is down.

Urban Escape & Evasion

Preparedness Is Key

Even the best laid plans don't survive first contact, but at OP4, we aim to make your chances of successfully avoiding conflict that much greater. Should you find yourself in a tight spot, you'll be prepared for the worst, and navigate your way out of the danger zone. Evading capture, resisting interrogation and manipulation tactics, anti-kidnapping techniques, and how to fend for yourself while on the move are just to name a few of the skills you'll learn in this course. 

Move Through Your Environment 

It's not as simple as it sounds. When tensions are high, and you want to avoid being the target, it's important to move with the baseline and not attract unwanted attention. Whether you're in your hometown, or overseas, we'll teach you how to seamlessly shift off the X without raising alarms. Locked doors or gates? Need to "borrow" a car? Want to avoid leaving a trace that can lead them back to you? All that and more will be covered by our exceptional team of experts. 

Become a Master of Disguise 

Become the "Gray Man" the movies only pretend to understand. Based on deep state secrets of deception, disguise, and mind control, you can learn to blend in anywhere. Look like a local, move with a purpose, and no one will ever remember seeing you. You'll be talking your way into places you'd never access as yourself, but when you become someone else entirely, doors will open. It's hard to give a sketch artist your description, when they don't remember even noticing you.

Escape Anything

Found yourself in unlawful custody? Bound with handcuffs, duct tape, zip ties, or rope and stuffed in the truck of a car? Fear not, you've trained for this. Getting out of unlawful custody is easier than you think, and we'll arm you with the tools necessary to break free in no time. Picking your handcuffs, and bailing from the trunk will get you going, but we'll teach you all that, and what comes next in our action-packed class. On your third day of training, you'll be hunted on the streets by trained attackers, and you'll utilize every skill we taught you over the first two days to avoid capture, and make it out unscathed, accomplishing a series of tasks that will help you gain valuable confidence that you'll know what to do in the future. 

Urban Scout

Watch the Watchers

Surveillance is a tricky skillset to master, and counter-surveillance can be wrought with danger. But necessity drives innovation, and we've taken spy-craft to the next level. Learn from the experts, who have proven these methods in the field, and become the hard target for nefarious actors. Learn how to identify a tail, and flip the script on them. Spot the problem, and collect as much intel as you can to act against subversion, home invasion, car jackings, muggings, terrorist plots, and more. 

Test the Boundaries

The rite of passage for the Apache Scout was to sneak up on their enemy, and touch them, only to disappear without a trace, to prove their worth as a warrior to their tribe. Now it's your turn, by subverting the enemy, and ruining their chances of success against you and yours. Penetration testing, sabotage, misdirection, and disinformation are your new weapons. Use them wisely. 

Laying the Groundwork 

You are never just you, and if you've taken the Urban Survival or Urban E&E classes, you know that your tribe is your greatest asset. Often, your efforts will pave the way for future action by the many. Mapping the area, marking points of interest and dangers, sectors of fire, and locating safe avenues for approach and escape will mean all the difference to you and your team. 

Engineering Chaos

Some skills we keep on the shelf until it's absolutely necessary, but you'll need to know them should the situation become untenable for normal action. These skills come with a warning, and require a promissory agreement that they never be utilized in civil society. Some of these include denial of entry obstacles, disabling vehicles and equipment, and disrupting electronic surveillance and tracking. 

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