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OP4 Co-founder

Lead instructor

Oppositional Forces podcast co-host

Scotty's Bio

With an early start in the Tiger Cubs, then Cub Scouts, and finally the Boy Scouts of America program, Scotty earned his Eagle Scout award with Bronze Oak Leaf. His passion for martial arts and shooting sports, along with his scouting experience, acted as a springboard for him as he entered the United States Marine Corps. Contracted in 2005 as a Private First Class, Scotty enlisted as a Field Radio Operator (0621). He served in a variety of positions within communications, to include Radio Chief, Training NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer), Assistant Electronic Key Management System Chief,  and Platoon Sergeant. He also was cross-trained in Military Intelligence, and for a time, working within Intel as the Assistant Intelligence Chief. His overseas service included working aboard Guantanamo Bay Cuba (GTMO), Iwakuni Japan, and deploying to the African, Middle East, and South East Asian Theatres. Scotty is credited with both deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and Anti-Piracy operations. He also proudly served in humanitarian assistance operations throughout the globe. His specialized training included expert designations with multiple awards in both rifle and pistol marksmanship, close quarter combat (CQC), OP4 (Oppositional Forces) training operations, successfully completed the Brown Belt course in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), and intensive leadership training programs and mentorship. Having been injured while living in Japan, and deemed unable to continue service, Scotty was eventually medically retired in 2012 as a Sergeant.

After leaving military service, Scotty began working in the physical security field. He was quickly promoted within, and worked in contract management. His passion for training, leadership, and mentorship, led to him help successfully turn around a failing security program for a major client that culminated with a global summit of his peers and superiors to observe what he and his team were doing right, so that they may replicate that process in their respective locations. Later, Scotty joined thousands of protectors across the country to answer the call to keep safe strategic sites, and personnel during civil unrest and riots during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being well-suited for emergency response, he found himself deploying to hurricane disaster zones for years following the riots, for protection operations during the reestablishment of power and infrastructure to the devastated communities. 

During this time, Scotty had a chanced opportunity to be trained by the famed Kevin Reeve, of OnPoint Tactical. While attending Kevin's many courses, Kevin taught him both Urban and Wilderness survival, scouting, tactics, and escape & evasion. Scotty began helping in the instruction of Kevin's classes, which honed Scotty's grasp of the concepts and to become more proficient in the craft. For several years, he assisted Kevin in teaching civilians, law enforcement, military and state department plants, and celebrity classes. Kevin introduced Scotty to the co-founder of OnPoint Tactical, known on this site only as K, for purposes of personal security. K taught him general spy craft and tactics used by U.S. Special Operations. Scotty moved to the mid-west to further learn from K, and developed enhanced skills known to very few, and used by less. Studying such things, as well as weapons training, and special instruction in Sayoc Kali and it's militarized martial art called STG, designed specifically for special forces operators. 

Thanks to the instruction and mentorship of Eric Parker, of Select International, Scotty attended several courses, qualifying him to work in the Executive Protection field. He studied protection teams, leading details, and advanced emergency medicine. After graduating Eric's classes, Scotty began working with celebrities, high net worth individuals, and other high-end protection services to ensure their safety and security. Refining all of these skills, experience, and culminating with major changes in his life, Scotty and his co-founder Tyson (Mr. Frost), embarked on building OP4 into what it is today. With the passing of Kevin Reeve, Scotty has dedicated himself to preserving the lessons and skills that were exclusively available through OnPoint Tactical. These skills will now continue to be offered through OP4.

Scotty has held various licenses and certifications, to include: 

Utah Armed Security license

Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor license

Utah Private Investigators license

Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Louisiana, Florida, and Nevada Security licenses  

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) certification

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) certification

STCW-95 Maritime Security Course certification

Personal Security Detail Course certification

Combat Lifesavers Course certification

AED/First Aid certifications

Stop the Bleed certification

USCCA Instructor Course certification

Surviving Deadly Contact Course certification

Taser certification

Baton Certification

OC Spray certification

Handcuffing certification 

Protective Detail Specialist Course certification

PDS-Advanced Protection Operations Course certification

Urban Escape and Evasion Course certification

Urban Survival Course certification

Advanced Urban E&E certification

Scout Course certification

Advanced Scout Course certification

Jaeger Scout Course certification

Scout Engineering Course certification

Scout Tracking Course certification

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