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Urban Scout

An in-depth course in spy craft for everyone. From the investigator to the journalist, the survivalist, or operative. There is tons to unpack in this hands-on class. Covering surveillance, tailing/tracking, social engineering, and so much more!

Urban Scout
Urban Scout

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Tampa, Tampa, FL, USA

About the event

As our Capstone course, Urban Scout acts as the icing on the cake for the Urban curriculum. The brainchild of Kevin Reeve, this class dances on the line between defensive, and offensive. Trade craft is a difficult discipline to master, but we'll take you down the rabbit hole and show you the techniques and skills necessary to be effective in the field. Here's just a taste of some of what's offered:

Asset Development: Locating, assessing, and courting assets to provide service or intelligence.

Surveillance:Covertly collect actionable intelligence, and learn how how to decipher and utilize it effectively.

Advanced Covert Entry: It's not just picking locks, and boosting cars anymore. Defeat modern security measures without breaking a sweat.

Force Multiply: Doing it alone can be taxing. Learn how to pick and develop a team, how to manage them, and make rock solid plans worthy of a movie script.

Become the Gear Head: Learning to utilize the modern technology that was unimaginable even a few years ago.

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Being prepared for whatever may be around the next corner is your best way to end up on top. It's time to take your training to the next level. Ask about our Veterans and First Responders discount.


  • Urban Scout

    3-Day Course (Tampa)




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