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Wage War, Stack Bodies.

If You're Not Cheating, You're Not Trying!

At OP4, we are dedicated to bringing you the worst day of your life (so far). The more realistic we can make your experience, the better prepared you'll be when the threat is real life. Whether you're on a live-fire range, a simulation scenario, or in a classroom, we are testing you to get you hardened for that pivotal day when life comes at you with some REAL Bad Guys. We promise to curse, yell, shoot, fight, and torture your sense of what is "professional" in your training. We swear to be discrete, anonymous, phantom-like apparitions that you'll be glad you met. If we're tasked to protect you and yours, we will fight dirty to make sure your life and property are safe and sound. There are no rules in a street fight, and we know the enemy won't fight fair either.

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